Monday, December 15, 2014

Las Vegas Invitational (3v3 Soccer)

We traveled down to Vegas a couple weeks before Christmas for Jadyn's 3v3 Soccer.
Her team was the Sleigherz.  They dominated, but lost in the consolation championship.

Addy, Tanaiya, Jesse, Jadyn, Lyndsey

We got free rooms at the Downtown Grand!

Ready to Check-in

Kamri and Kennedi pretty much took over Las Vegas

This is on 3rd Street. Kennedi loves her boots.

 Andy got to choose our dinner, so we went to Cheesecake Factory in Summerlin.  It was chilly.

Glad we got the Monkey into the picture

We hit Fremont Street early in the morning in search of some donuts

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving with the Homies

The Holmes Family came down to visit for Thanksgiving.  It was awesome to have them come stay with us and share in our Thanksgiving fun.

We were closed for Thanksgiving, but we had a large catering order to get ready, luckily the Homies were happy to jump in and help.

Mr. President and Andrue helping slice the bread.

Kamri and Alex were big helpers on labeling the boxes

Mrs. President getting into it!

We did lots of running and biking, and eating! (no photos of our feast)

Getting our running swag going!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Update on Kennedi

Kennedi - 2013

Kennedi has been busy.  She has been to Preschools at  Bloomington Hills and also at The Summit.  She loves teasing boys and makes friends very easy.

Kennedi's favorite thing to do is to be outside playing, riding bikes, or playing dolls, but she is also a big helper at Firehouse Subs. 

Kennedi loves school and making friends

Kennedi is always ready for a "selfie"

She doesn't flirt at all with the boys ;)

She's a 5 year old diva!

Update on Kamri

Since 2012 Kamri has graduated Pre-School, and Kindergarten, and she has played U6 and U7 soccer and StG City Soccer too!  We started gymnastics in January 2014 and her and Kennedi love doing that too. 

Kamri's big thing is she wants to be first, or the best, or both.  She loves to play soccer and tries real hard to listen and plays very hard.  She hates to lose, but even hates more when she gets subbed out.

Karmi Fall 2013 - 1st day of school

Sand Hollow Reservoir - Spring 2013

Grand Hotel Las Vegas Spring 2014
Graduating Kindergarten Spring 2014

Lillia and Kamri being silly

Update on Jadyn

Jadyn is our soccer-playing, selfie-taking daughter.   One big change in the last 2 years is now she is loud!

Jadyn's favorite thing to do is hang out with friends and Instagram or SnapChat or a mixture of all that.

This is why we call her "Beautiful Jadyn"

Jadyn would rather get some sun than swim in the pool.

This was from her old team, but I don't have a lot of pictures with her new team.

I told her we would get ice cream if she smiled!

Catching Up From 2012

We've been pretty busy the last 2 years. A majority of our time has been gobbled up with our Firehouse Subs franchise adventure.  In Andy's most previous life he worked for Sire Technologies and Hyland Software.  His job as an Implementation Specialist took him all over the United States and Canada.

On one of his visits to North Carolina he visited a Firehouse Subs restaurant.  Shortly thereafter we began pursuing opening a franchise of our own in St. George. Andy visited 7 different locations of Firehouse Subs: Las Vegas, Texas, Tampa, Sandy and North Carolina, talking to owners and managers and getting information on all factors from ownership to operation.

Next, we had to go to Florida to meet the Founders of Firehouse Subs.

Holly did some shopping

We ate at a few Firehouse Subs in and around Jacksonville, Florida.

Training in Las Vegas

Then we got started on our own in St. George.

Our Sign is delivered
Beginning of construction

It's coming together

Employee Training

We opened June 10th, 2013. 

This is a typical lunch crowd.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Golf Lessons

Dad decided it was time to teach Kamri how to golf. So he gave her some lessons.  She was trying to so hard to show that she could do it. She was doing great hitting the balls. It was fun to watch her. Kennedi was there too but she tried a couple times before I got the camera out and decided to go play instead. She hit the golf ball too!

Splash Parks

Fun at the St. George City splash park downtown.

Hairspray at Tuacahn

Jadyn and I stood in line Friday June 22nd to get 2 free tickets to Hairspray at Tuacahn from a radio station Planet 94.1. We have never been to Tuacahn before. It was awesome. We hope to be able to take the family to go to Aladdin that is also playing this year.
Jadyn and I waiting in line for tickets!

Awww so cute!

Yergensen Cousin Time

Freemont Street

We got to go to Vegas stay with Grandma Donna and have cousin time.
We got to swim, play, and go to Freemont Street.
It was a fun relaxing weekend that was very much needed!
Waiting for dinner! First time at Famous Dave's BBQ. It was delish!

Ice Cream at Marble Slab. Again, Delish!

Sleepover at Grandma's retreat!